When you need
a friend.



A cuddly companion in
times of challenge, change,
and celebration.



The heart pocket
holds messages of
love and caring.


A huggable, easily personalized companion for kids and grownups experiencing challenge, change, or celebration.

Comfort Critter - Monk Monk
With its cuddly body, friendly face and heart-shaped pocket of caring messages, Comfort Critter® is a perfect companion for kids and grownups experiencing challenge, change, or celebration. The ultra-soft, plush monkey is a sweet stand-in for the people who love us when they can’t be near.
Born of love and friendship, Comfort Critter is washable, durable and fits easily in a purse, backpack or goody bag. The heart pocket makes it easy to personalize for any need or occasion, and its huggable factor is off the charts.
Comfort Critter invites children and adults to openly discuss difficult topics and to allow feelings to surface and be experienced.
A portion of each Comfort Critter donation goes to caring organizations. Purchase a Comfort Critter today and give the gift of comfort, courage and connection to the world!

Comfort Critter® Makes a Perfect Gift for Friends & Loved Ones Experiencing:

Smaller-Text-IconBirth or adoption

This special monkey has given my granddaughter a voice. Thank you for this treasure!

Such a sensory rich experience... helps down regulate clients’ fight or flight responses.

Comfort Critter’s expression conveys so much life and energy without inferring any particular emotion... a terrific resource for my work!

I realized the power this Comfort Critter could have in communicating heart felt thoughts and feelings in a more protected way.

My six-year-old daughter loves her Comfort Critter so much, it travels everywhere with her!