Lisa Nass, Comfort Critter founder

Lisa Nass, Comfort Critter Founder

Courage and connection have always mattered to Lisa Nass. Early in life, she decided to let purpose rather than fear dictate her future, and strong relationships with family, friends and God have inspired and supported her ever since.

Growing up in Miami and Key Largo, Lisa’s days were filled with swimming, fishing, learning to sail, and school sports. Her delight in the outdoors was matched by her love of singing, and she thought seriously about a career in music.

After graduating from Samford University with a degree in business administration and a minor in vocal performance, Lisa returned to her South Florida home and began a 30-year career in human resources. Her professional journey was marked not only by ongoing growth and bold decisions, but also by an ever-increasing passion for – and skill at – helping people discover and use their natural strengths in the workplace and the world.

Throughout the years of growth and change, including a move to Northeast Florida, Lisa’s connections with family, friends and co-workers were always a source of strength. Those connections, along with her strong faith, gave her courage and precious comfort during a year in which she lost a dear friend, survived a life-threatening illness and mourned the passing of several family members.

That comfort was so powerful it inspired Lisa to create the Comfort Critter®, a sweet, huggable companion for adults and children experiencing times of challenge, change and celebration. As she fleshed out the idea, trademarked it, created a prototype and brought the Critter to market, the new entrepreneur’s courage was indispensable. And as she wrote her first children’s book – a companion to Comfort Critter – Lisa’s connection with God and her loved ones continued to guide and strengthen her.

Before becoming full-time director of Comfort Critter’s parent nonprofit, Community of Courage, Lisa was an HR executive at Florida Blue for ten years. A certified executive coach and longtime resident of Jacksonville, she is still most at peace when connected with nature and the outdoors and feels blessed to have never lived more than 15 minutes from the ocean.

That feeling is reflected in her community activities, including service as the first female board member of the South Florida Fly-Fishing Club and as a founding member of the North Florida Land Trust. She also continues to love music and the performing arts.

These days, Lisa’s courage is mostly directed at meeting the challenges of entrepreneurship. Her greatest joy is hearing about the ways in which Comfort Critter is touching the lives of senders and recipients. And she is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to bring comfort, courage and connection to a world that is sorely in need of all three.