Comfort Critter® carries your wishes, hopes and messages
in a heart-shaped pocket on the front.

Comfort Critter® is an ultra-soft, plush monkey with a cuddly body, a friendly face, and a huggable factor that’s off the charts. With its heart-shaped pocket of caring messages, the Comfort Critter is a perfect gift for kids and grownups experiencing challenge, change or celebration.

While every Comfort Critter looks the same, your Comfort Critter carries your own unique wishes, messages and hopes to friends, family and loved ones. Super-soft and washable, each adorable monkey is made to withstand countless hugs.

It’s easy to personalize the Comfort Critter. The special pocket allows you to create and share messages from the heart – and each Comfort Critter comes with a red satin bag that can double as a cape.

The accompanying children’s book series, Monk Monk & Me and Monk Monk & My Big, Brave Heart, beautifully illustrates how Comfort Critter promotes healthy emotional awareness for children experiencing times of challenge, change, or a specific emotional trauma.

Monk Monk - Comfort Critter

Comfort Critter® shares love, support and concern with those you care about.

A perfect gift for hospital visits or chemotherapy care packages.

A huggable companion for children experiencing loss or illness.

The special heart pocket holds messages, prayers, secrets… even tears.

Great for celebrations, too! Give to your college-bound graduate, send to a new mom or stick in a backpack the first day of school.

Your imagination is the only limit to what Comfort Critter can do!