Comfort Critter® can convey your feelings of love, support and concern to anyone. Each Comfort Critter has a special heart pocket that holds messages, prayers, secrets – even tears. 

You can give your Comfort Critter a special name, you can dress your Comfort Critter, and you can tell your Comfort Critter anything.

A portion of every purchase is donated to caring organizations like hospice and cancer support groups. 

With the purchase of each Comfort Critter, you are giving the gift of comfort, courage and connection to the world!

Monk Monk Wants a Hug

Comfort Critter® was born out of friendship, faith, love, laughter, and shared joy in times of difficulty. It’s how several friends discovered a way to make comfort real and meaningful during a time of serious, life threatening illness.


It all began as a fun tradition among friends at work, where a comical stuffed monkey in one friend’s cubicle was dressed up for special occasions with hats, shoes and jewelry.

As time went on, the monkey began to “send” secret notes that surprised and delighted their recipients. When someone got a promotion, the monkey appeared with notes of congratulation. Festive messages – and outfits – marked birthdays and holidays. And when someone had a bad day, the little creature showed up with notes of encouragement.

When one of the co-workers was diagnosed with cancer, the monkey found a greater purpose — and took on a new name. As their friend received cancer treatments, Comfort Critter became a way for the co-workers to share love and support.

Monk Monk - ComfortCritter.orgWith its sweet little face and fuzzy soft body, the original Comfort Critter was a huggable symbol of their care and concern. Carried to the hospital on chemo days and placed in a prominent location, it continued to deliver notes of encouragement and hope.

Comfort Critter - Monk MonkThe Comfort Critter was such a sensation that patients, nurses and visitors began to take notice. And Lisa Nass, one of the original co-workers, saw an opportunity to share its comfort, courage and connection with others.

Today, Comfort Critter brings unique messages of caring and celebration to recipients far beyond its original home in Florida. And Comfort Critter donations help to support caring organizations.