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How Comfort Critter® is  Helping People

Comfort Critter
I just finished my eighth chemotherapy, and I’m feeling good. My very special Comfort Critter companion (I named her Ms. Monk) has been with me since the beginning. Some days Ms. Monk sat quietly and kept my chemo tubes from being tangled. Some days she brought chocolate to the nurses. And some days she provided a sweet smile and gentle comfort to a new chemo patient. Ms. Monk decided that today is a symbolic day, and in her role as surrogate friend, she dressed as if you were all here with us. She wore her heart dress to show love; flowers for joy and happiness; pearls for wisdom; and her cancer survivor pin for hope. And, in her arms is a message from me that thanks you all for being there every step of this very difficult journey. It has made all the difference! Thank you, my friends, for giving me this lovable, huggable little monkey.


Comfort Critter
We have some stressful days in the doctor’s office where I work. There’s the day-to-day patient care. But then we all have our own personal issues to deal with – kids going away to college; elderly parents who need more and more help; and the occasional migraine. So, I brought my Comfort Critter to work to deliver some much needed comfort and smiles. At just the right time, the monkey “magically” appears on someone’s desk wearing a funny hat and sunglasses to evoke a laugh. Or with a note of encouragement tucked in its heart pocket.  Now our Comfort Critter is just part of the team!


Comfort Critter
My six-year-old daughter loves her Comfort Critter so much, it travels everywhere with her. She’s taken it to school (now her teacher wants one), she’s taken it to share with her grandmother in her assisted living facility (now her grandmother wants one), it’s been to dinner, to the mall… and best of all, she either uses one of the notes that came with her Critter or writes herself little notes and puts them in his pocket – whatever she wants for that day. She’s found great security, comfort, and a little more ease into her developing independence through her new furry friend. I can’t wait to see where they end up “traveling” next!


Comfort Critter
My niece has been going through a difficult time during her parents’ divorce. I’m always looking for books and toys to help Lily talk about her feelings, and also a way for her to share things that she isn’t ready to tell anyone.  And then I found Comfort Critter!  I gave Lily her own Critter and book.  We read the book all the time and talk about how much courage it takes to express our emotions.  Her Comfort Critter is never far away – she sleeps with it, takes it to school, and they do homework together.  Sometimes she leaves her Comfort Critter in my chair with a special “I love you” note, written just for me.  This special little monkey has given Lily a voice.  Thank you for this treasure!


Comfort Critter
My husband and I recently attended an event at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, in Florida.  On my way to breakfast one morning, I stumbled upon a cute and cuddly little monkey called a Comfort Critter. The monkey was so darned cute and unbelievably soft, and the book was so beautifully illustrated, I just had to have one.  Well, little did I know how special this Comfort Critter would be for my family!   Right after I returned home to Boston with my Comfort Critter, I got an urgent call that my grandson was being rushed into surgery – in Italy!  Immediately I packed up the monkey and book and drove straight to the post office.  Comfort Critter has been an amazing source of comfort and healing through surgery, cuts and scrapes, and getting braces!  It was so healing for me to be able to send this gift of comfort to my precious grandson.